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Businesses are continually experiencing new challenges.  Many times, these challenges come with new opportunities.  Information technology can play a vital role in exposing the means to gain a competitive edge, maximize efficiency, improve processes, expand your market and add to your bottom line.

Our IT consulting team is comprised of seasoned, highly intelligent professionals with an average of 15 years’ experience.  They possess technical know-how along with executive level management skills and strategic experience and are as comfortable in the boardroom as they are in the server room.

Our IT Consulting Services are available throughout the greater New York and New Jersey tri-state area.


IT Infrastructure and Network Design _

 A solid foundation is everything. Your local area network or LAN is arguably the most important part of your overall IT strategy. Its initial design, implementation and regular upkeep are critical to keeping your organization’s systems functional and secure.

Cloud Migration_

The paradigm has indeed shifted, and cloud computing is the new normal. But the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Sure, the consumption of IT has changed, but the complexities and integration challenges still abound.  Enter our cloud migration team, with the experience and expertise to take your cloud vision and make it a reality.

IT For Start-ups


Even the best IT systems are only as effective as the people and service behind them.  Your organization simply may not be able to justify the costs and risks associated with hiring a full-time person or staff.  Or perhaps you’ve already gone the full-time route and realize that it’s time for a change.

Office 365 _

Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing product ever. In fact, over 60% of Fortune 500 companies have purchased it. If you’re wondering if you should migrate your business to Office 365, or have already signed up for Office 365 but need help with your migration, we should probably talk.

IT Consulting _

Whether we’re enhancing your current network or building a new network from scratch, count on us to deliver robust solutions to link you and your employees to customers and suppliers across the office or around the world.

MS Azure Consulting _

Whether you have just started to explore Microsoft Azure, are in the midst of migrating to Azure, or in need of support or consulting services for an already-robust Azure environment, our team can help you accelerate the achievement of your goals and maximize your cloud computing investments.

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